About Us

Whole Hog Genetics is trusted by 5 genetic companies to provide a quality product across Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota. We offer a broad selection of genetic options from synthetic lines, Duroc lines, and maternal lines.

Quality Assurance

Semen samples are sent to a third-party andrology lab to verify sperm quality, concentration, and motility as well as monitor for bacterial contamination. Our veterinary background allows us to stay current with disease prevention and biosecurity practices. We meticulously monitor boars for diseases like PRRS.

Personal Delivery

We deliver fresh semen to our clients up to three times per week. We systematically respond to weather and schedule changes to ensure delivery by the day you need it. We carefully control the temperature throughout the storage and delivery process to preserve quality for higher conception rates.

History of Excellence

Since 1995, Dr. Ron Brodersen DVM and his crew have worked hard to provide independent producers with a quality product, reliably delivered. Ron realized in the early 90s that there was a need for AI services among his veterinary clients, and set out to meet that need. Since then Whole Hog has expanded to serve clients in four states.